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Three cans of Greenhill Seltzers side by side

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Three cans of Greenhill Seltzers side by side

Greenhill Seltzers deliver the perfect balance of flavour and refreshment.

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About us

We’re a couple of Kiwis who like drinking, but don’t like drinking rubbish. After years of doing just that, we decided to make something better. Seltzers are as natural as the fruit they came from and taste like it too.

7 vodkas, 35 juices and 2 crippled livers later, we came up with something better than the rubbish we’d been drinking for years. Instead of loading Greenhill Seltzers with sugar like most wines, ciders and RTD’s, we worked hard to keep the sugar low and the flavour high.

We hope you enjoy drinking Seltzers as much as we do.

A picture of the creators of Greenhill Seltzers

Our Contribution

We’ve been giving out grants to Kiwis working on marine conservation projects.